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Damage Insurance

The objective of Damage insurance is to protect all the assets of the insured, be it an individual or professional: car, house, furniture, motorcycle, computer, business (stocks, equipment, etc).


Covers loss or damage to property caused by fire, lightning, theft, earthquake, volcanic eruption or underground fire, thunderstorm, storm, flood, tsunami or other allied hazards.

(*) Subject to our standard policy.

Asset All Risk

Description and Warranties

Insurance allows full coverage combining damage and other special risks such as electronics, machine breakage, etc...
This cover provides the warranties of Damage Insurance and also includes accidental risks.

(*) Subject to our standard policy.

Operating Loss

Description and Warranties

Operating loss is a coverage that insures the continuity of your business. It covers expenses incurred and losses in the event of business termination after material damage.

(*) Subject to our standard policy.