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Driving your car to get around is a source of comfort, independence and a popular mode of transport to facilitate mobility.

Being able to drive your vehicle peacefully is also a major concern, in a world of multiple risks.

The driver and his passengers are never safe from collision, ice breakage or any other accident and damage that can sometimes upset life forever for lack of appropriate motor insurance.

There are a number of risks to any car user, starting with those related to malevolence and traffic accidents to natural disasters.


Third Party Only

This insurance compensates the insured parties for damages or injuries to third party only.

Comprehensive Cover

Coverage for any damage or accidental loss of your vehicle, such as theft, fire and malicious damage.
Coverage for third party damage such as death, injury and property damage.

Extensions Comprehensive cover

Offered with an additional premium.

  • Riots, strikes, cyclone and flooding.
  • Individual Circulation Article (ICA) subject to Rs100 deductible per claim:
Benefit Limit per passenger insured
Death Rs300,000 per passenger and per claim
Total and Permanent Disability Rs300,000 per passenger and per claim
Temporary Partial Disability According to the compensation scale
Medical Fees Rs25,000 per passenger
  • Replacement of similar category of car for a maximum of 15 days per event/accident subject to a maximum of 45 days as from your first insurance year.
  • 24/7 and 7/7 support services.

(*) Subject to our standard policy.