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Pleasure Boats

Multi-hazard boating is an insurance product that covers the risks associated with the use of aquatic equipment and covers the following damages:


  • Fires and explosion.
  • Total and/or partial theft.
  • Damage sustained under cyclonic conditions (provided all precautions have been taken beforehand).
  • Malevolent acts.

Insurance may also cover accidental damage to third parties including passengers.

(*) Subject to our standard policy.


Travel serenely and enjoy your stay with SANLAM’s travel insurance. By opting for this offer, you are covered in case of injury, disability or death during your trip.


Medical expenses following illness or accident 30 000 euros
Emergency dental care 300 euros*, franchise of 100 euros
Attendance with in-patient insured 100 euros* / day - maximum 7 days
Extension of stay abroad after hospitalization 100 euros* / night - maximum 5 nights
Repatriation of insured minor isolated abroad Actual transport costs
Repatriation and transport of deceased insured person’s body Actual costs
Escort of the mortal remains Actual transport costs
Premature return home from death of closed one Economy One-Way Airfare

(*) Subject to our standard policy.

Injury Accidents

Today, we are living in an increasingly dangerous environment where the unexpected can suddenly happen. In this way, we are constantly exposed to a risk of bodily injury, which is more or less serious, and sometimes liable to cause a handicap with serious consequences for our daily lives.

Thanks to our solution, you benefit from compensations that cover your financial and material needs while providing you with the necessary comfort to overcome any painful ordeal, following an accident.