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Construction site

Construction site insurance is designed to meet the expectations and requirements of building professionals and of all their trades. 

Whether you are a project manager, an entrepreneur, a contractor or a subcontractor, construction insurance provides you with an efficient solution. This is to protect you against the risk of any financial loss in case of a forfeiture that could damage the work you are undertaking or the construction in which you are involved.


Damage to work due to:

  • Accident or handling error.
  • Fire.
  • Explosion.
  • Theft.
  • Loss of revenue.
  • Civil liability.
  • Installation and construction of equipment.
  • Coverage of existing, temporary or permanent structures.
  • Coverage of new construction, repairs or extensions.
  • Performance Warranty
  • Start-up Warranty and Completion Financial Warranty (CFW).

(*) Subject to our standard policy.

Electronic Equipment

Nowadays, each company has its own equipment, SANLAM offers insurance tailored to cover these very valuable assets: computers, tablets, electronic tools, etc. 


The warranties of the "Electronic Equipment" insurance cover all damages to property and equipment incurred and unforeseen due to a harmful events or events not explicitly excluded.

Includes: loss or damage due to fire, theft and public transit.

(*) Subject to our standard policy.